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“Children obey your parents in all things”   (Colossians 3:20).


God Gave Abraham a Son
Abraham had obeyed God and had gone to the country God wanted him to go to. There God gave him much cattle and silver and gold, and was with him to protect him and help him when he needed God’s help.

Abraham had no son, but God wanted him to have a son so that God could make him and his children and their children a great blessing to the world. In one of their families Jesus would some day be born.

God told Abraham that He would give him a son, and Abraham believed that God would do it. He waited 25 years for that son; then a boy whom they named “Isaac” was born. Abraham loved Isaac very much and no doubt thanked God with all his heart for giving him this dear son.

God Asked Abraham to Give Isaac to Him
One day God told Abraham to give Isaac back to Him, the son he loved dearly. It must have been hard for Abraham to be willing to give up his only son, but because it was God Who asked for Isaac, Abraham was willing to give him to God. He knew that God would not ask him to do anything that was wrong. He also believed that God could make Isaac live again if he died.

Abraham Obeyed God
One day Abraham took Isaac to the top of a mountain to give him to God. Isaac, too, seemed to be willing to do just what his father told him to do. But when God saw that Abraham was doing just what He had asked him to do, God told him that he did not need to give Isaac to Him; He would be willing to let Abraham give Him a sheep instead. Then Abraham was glad that he had obeyed God.

God Gives Abraham a Great Reward
God was pleased with Abraham because he loved God well enough to give Him the very best he had and the most beloved. Then God not only let Abraham have his son Isaac, but gave him much more that was good for Abraham to have. God always gives us much more than we ever could give Him; but we can give Him thanks, and love Him, and do the things that please Him.


1. Was Abraham slow to do what God asked? [Genesis:22:3].
2. How could Abraham obey God so willingly? [Hebrews:11:17-19].
3. How did God know that Abraham feared Him? [Genesis:22:12].
4. Did God provide a lamb, as Abraham had promised Isaac He would? [Genesis:22:8], [Genesis:22:13].
5. What was Abraham’s reward for obedience? [Genesis:22:16-19].