After this dismal and dark world

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    CGS No.: 

    Verse 1
    After this dismal and dark world
    Eternal glory waits
    A country of eternal joy
    No mortal eye hath seen

    Verse 2
    Our eyes long to see half Thy joy
    Beautiful city, bright
    How our hearts would have wished to leave
    This world, the vale of tears

    Verse 3
    No sickness nor pain will be there
    No sorrow will be there,
    It's health and joy e'en all day long,
    Pleasures that never end

    Verse 4
    No night in those fair cities bright
    It is perpetual day
    For sin, the source of all the curse
    Will not enter therein

    Verse 5
    May this cherished hope of heaven
    Set all our hearts aflame
    Grant to us that this faith and love
    Lift high our thoughts to God

    Verse 6
    O Lord, in mercy, make us meet
    For Thy bright courts above,
    And grant that our hearts may prepare
    To join the heavenly throng