Almighty Father, hear our cry,

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    Verse 1
    Almighty Father, hear our cry,
    As o'er the trackless deep we roam;
    Be Thou our haven always nigh,
    On homeless waters Thou our home.

    Verse 2
    O Jesus, Saviour, at Whose Voice
    The tempest sank to perfect rest,
    Bid Thou the mourner's heart rejoice,
    And cleanse and calm the troubled breast.

    Verse 3
    O Holy Ghost, beneath Whose Power
    The ocean woke to life and light,
    Command Thy blessing in this hour,
    Thy fostering warmth, Thy quickening might.

    Verse 4
    Great God, Triune Jehovah, Thee
    We love, we worship, we adore;
    Our Refuge on time's changeful sea,
    Our Joy on Heaven's Eternal shore.