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Memory Verse: 

“Thy  sins  are  forgiven”  (Luke 7:48).


Not Friends
One wonders how people could be so wicked as not to see that Jesus was their very best Friend. Those who were lame were healed so that they could walk. The blind people had their eyes made well and they could see. The mothers and sisters who wept when their dear ones died were made happy again when Jesus raised them from the dead. We read that He went about doing good everywhere. Many people did love Him.

But there were some people who hated Jesus. They even wanted to kill him. They hated Him because he told them they were not doing what was right. He told them they were wicked and if they did not have their sins forgiven they would not go to Heaven. They did not like to have Him tell them that they were bad people. But Jesus had to tell the truth, and he wanted them to know they were bad, so that they would stop doing bad things. He was willing to help them to be good. He came down to this earth to tell people how they should live so that they could go to be in Heaven with Him forever. But some of the people hated Him for telling them the truth, and planned to put Him to death.

Good Friends
There were men and women who did love Jesus, and who were glad He told them what was wrong and what was right. They wanted to do the good things, and not the bad. They saw all the good things Jesus did, and they loved Him very much. Wherever He went many people followed Him. So many people followed Him and wanted Him to help them that He often became very tired and had to go to the mountains or away by Himself to rest and to talk to God His Father.

He seemed to like to stay in a home with two women called Mary and Martha, and their brother Lazarus. Lazarus was the man who died and Jesus called him right out of his grave. Mary and Martha and Lazarus loved Jesus very much, and we are certain they were happy to have Him in their home, whenever He came. It is wonderful to have a home where Jesus can be also! Children who have Christian fathers and mothers are very fortunate. Many children in the world today never hear their father or mother tell them about Jesus; are not taken to the Sunday School where they may learn more about Jesus. Children who do have fathers and mothers who pray, read the Bible, and worship God, should pray for the children who are not so fortunate, and should thank God for Christian parents.

A Friend’s Home
A man invited Jesus to come to his home to eat with him. Jesus was always glad to have a chance to tell people about His Father in Heaven, and about the beautiful home they could have if they would love and obey Jesus.

While Jesus was in this man’s home a woman came with a box that had very expensive and sweet oil in it. She knew Jesus would help her in her trouble, and she washed His feet with her tears and wiped them with her long hair. She poured the sweet oil over His feet.

The man of the house thought she was not a good woman and he thought Jesus should send her away. But Jesus wanted to help her to be good. When she asked Jesus to forgive her sins He gladly did it. Jesus is always glad to forgive a man’s, a woman’s or a child’s sins when he is asked to do so.


1. What four things was the woman doing for Jesus? [Luke:7:38].
2. What did the Pharisee have to say about that? [Luke:7:39].
3. Did Jesus forgive the woman’s sins? [Luke:7:48].
4. Was it through the woman’s kindness to Jesus, or her faith, that she was saved? [Luke:7:50].
5. Is it necessary for us to have faith in order to be saved? [Hebrews:11:6].