Another year has rolled by

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    CGS No.: 

    Verse 1
    Another year has rolled by
    The time flies so quickly by,
    This year which is to pass by
    May be the last year for some,
    It's Thy mercy kept us through
    Have we been benefited?
    We should ask, are we prepared
    If we are called home this year?

    Verse 2
    This world is a battle ground,
    Thousands are falling down dead,
    The arrows of death that fly
    Can be sent to me, to you
    When the word is preached, we hear
    Help our hearts to meditate,
    Eternity's close at hand
    We are standing on the brink.

    Verse 3
    If we are saved from our sins
    By the grace of God divine
    We shall hear Him say, `Come home,`
    May we see His face in heav'n;
    For Thy people here on earth
    Grant us mercy this new year;
    The year that's more full of joy
    Is the one that sees them home.