Be ready to plead thy cause,

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    Verse 1
    Be ready to plead thy cause,
    Jesus wants to hear thy prayer,
    He has said that you should pray,
    For that reason, He will hear.

    Verse 2
    You are coming to the King,
    Bring all your supplications,
    His grace is most abundant,
    No one ever asks too much.

    Verse 3
    I start with my load of sin,
    Lift this great burden of sin
    Let the blood that Thou has shed
    Wash away my guilt of sin.

    Verse 4
    I am seeking peace from Thee,
    Jesus, Saviour, take my heart,
    Establish Thy throne within,
    Reign Thou as king in my heart.

    Verse 5
    In my pilgrimage on earth,
    May Thy love my comfort be,
    My loving Shepherd and Friend,
    Lead me to my journey's end.

    Verse 6
    Show what Thou would have me do,
    Bestow on me renewed health
    Establish me in the faith,
    Let me die a righteous death.