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[Exodus:35:1-35]; [Exodus:40:33-38].

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“In my Father’s house are many mansions”  (John 14:2).


God’s Glory
Because Moses had been near to God, his face shone so brightly that he had to cover his face when he talked to the people. He had much to tell them of the things God had said to him. God had told him what he should do to help them keep true to Him, and then God would go before them and protect them against their enemies.

The Tent-Church
The people were not to stay in Sinai a long time but were to go on to the land into which God was leading them. So God told Moses to have the people make a tent-church in which to worship Him. This church could easily be carried with them on their journey.

Willing Workers
Moses asked the people to give what they could to make the tent and the things in it. He said that those who had a willing heart should bring an offering to the house of God. God wants only the things we give to Him willingly. The people seemed to be glad to do it. Some brought gold, wood, spices, skins, and anointing oil. Those who could weave, made cloth and curtains for the tent. For every part of the work that needed to be done there was someone who knew how to do it. No doubt, God had taught them and prepared them for it.

The blue, and scarlet, and purple curtains must have made the tent very beautiful.

The tent was carried by certain men whom Moses appointed. And they carried it just as God had told them.

The Altars
There were altars upon which the offerings were laid that were brought for the worship of God. God has given us much, and He expects us to give Him something in return, especially our love.

The Appointed Workers
God told Moses to choose certain ones for every kind of work to be done. And some of them had to be dressed in a special kind of clothing. God told Moses just how it should be, and Moses did what God told him. God was pleased with the way they had obeyed Him. God told them He would tell them when to set up the Tabernacle and begin the worship.

God’s Blessing
When the Tabernacle, or tent-church, was finished, God covered it with a cloud in which He was present. Moses could not even go into it because of God’s presence there.

When they journeyed on, there was a cloud over the tent by day, and a bright light at night so that all the people could see it. This made them know that God was there with them, leading them. God plans everything well. If we do just what God tells us to do and when He tells us to do it, we shall always be happy and it will please our heavenly Father.


1. What kind of offering did the Children of Israel bring unto the Lord? [Exodus:35:29]
2. What kind of offerings should we bring to the Lord? [2 Corinthians:9:6-7].
3. How should we act when we come into the house of the Lord? [1 Timothy:3:15]; [Psalms:100:4].
4. What happened when Moses had finished the work? [Exodus:40:34].
5. How did the Children of Israel know when to travel? [Exodus:40:36-37]