Behold, who are these little ones

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    Verse 1
    Behold, who are these little ones
    Who've finished soon their pilgrimage
    And have arrived in glory land
    The place they have been longing for?

    Verse 2
    `I am from Greenland's snowy hills,`
    `I am from the land of India,`
    `Am from the land of Africa,`
    And `I am from those far off isles.`

    Verse 3
    Our pilgrimage are over now
    Weeping and suffering are all past
    We all meet together at last
    At the bright pearly gates of heav'n.

    Verse 4
    We hope to hear the Lord say, `Come
    Ye victor over sin and death
    Lift up your heads, then, O ye gates
    And let the children pilgrims in.`