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[Deuteronomy:27:11-14]; [Deuteronomy:28:1-68].

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“Obey them that have the rule over you”  (Hebrews 13:17).


Good Things Promised
Moses wanted the Children of Israel to have all the good things God could give them. He had promised that they should be the people of God and be very happy. He was going to give them a good home, plenty of food, and everything they needed. If the people would only obey the voice of God and do as He told them, there were many other good things for them: they would be blessed in the city, in the field, or wherever they went -– even everything they owned would be blessed.

So Moses told them that after they had passed over the River Jordan they should get together and talk about the things that would please God and that he would bless; and the things that would displease Him and He would curse. Moses told them that some of them should stand on one mountain and call to the people on the other mountain and tell them that the Lord would bless them if they did what God told them to do. Then all the people should say with a loud voice, “Amen.” This means, So be it.

Moses said that the rest of them should stand on another mountain and call to the other people and tell them that the Lord would be displeased and punish them if they disobeyed. And all the people should again say, “Amen.” We find that after the death of Moses, Joshua did exactly as Moses had told him to do. Joshua was always obedient to what God told him, and God blessed him for it.

To the Children
The Lord wanted these people to know and understand what He wanted them to do, so they could teach their children. He told the parents to talk to the children about God when they sat in the house, or when they were out walking, or when they were in bed. They were even told to write the words of God upon the posts of their house and upon the gates. God is not pleased with parents who fail to teach their children the Bible lessons.

A Little Girl
Today also, the Lord blesses the people and the children who obey Him -– but He also punishes those who disobey Him. A little girl was punished for her disobedience. Her mother asked the child’s older sister to take a pail of milk to a neighbour. The younger sister insisted she wanted to do it; the mother told her she was too small to go alone. When the little girl insisted, the mother let her go. The child started down the road, but soon returned -– crying, covered with milk and dirt. She had fallen down, hurt herself, and spilled the milk. The mother reminded her that it was her punishment for disobedience.

A Disobedient King
We read in the Bible of a man who did not obey God. King Saul was told to go to a certain city and destroy the whole city. He went to that city and destroyed everything except the wicked king and some of the best animals. Afterward, King Saul told the prophet of the Lord, Samuel, that he had done as the Lord commanded him. But Samuel said that he heard the lowing of the oxen and the bleating of sheep. Saul explained it by saying that the people had spared the animals in order to make sacrifices to the Lord. The man of God knew that was not the truth and the real reason. Saul perhaps wanted the best cattle for himself. Samuel told the king that to obey the voice of the Lord was the most important thing of all [1 Samuel:15:22]). He also told Saul that since he had disobeyed the Lord, he could no longer be king. God did not answer his prayers.

A Mother and Son
A faithful mother used to tell how she talked to her children about the Lord. She would talk to them while they were out in the yard, or out walking, or in the house. She wanted her children to know more about the Lord and know what He wanted them to do. Her little boy would come to her and ask permission to do something or go somewhere. She would look in the Bible and find the answer there. If the Bible forbade doing whatever he wanted to do, that would settle it for him.

The Lord saved him and has blessed him all through his life because he obeyed his mother and the things she taught him out of the Bible. He grew up to be a man whom God uses in a wonderful way.


1. Name five ways in which the Lord would bless the people if they would obey Him. [Deuteronomy:28:3-14].
2. Name five ways in which He would curse them if they would disobey. [Deuteronomy:28:16-45].
3. What does the Bible say about children obeying their parents? [Ephesians:6:1-3].
4. Did Jesus obey His parents? [Luke:2:51]; [Hebrews:5:8].
5. Upon what conditions does Jesus bless people today? [Matthew:5:3-11].