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[Judges:6:33-40]; [Judges:7:1-25].

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“We  trust  in  the  living  God” (I Timothy 4:10).


Joshua’s Warning
God had helped the people reach the Promised Land. Joshua’s work was nearly finished. But he gave the people some good advice before he died. He told them that if they would obey God, worship Him, and not worship idols, God would be with them and help them. But when Joshua was gone they soon forgot God and began to worship idols.

To Remind Them
God saw that they were forgetting Him Who had been so very kind to them and helped them in hard places. God had given them manna to eat when they had no bread; quails when they wanted meat; and had caused water to come out of a rock for them. Now -– He had to punish them for forgetting these blessings. When their enemies came, He did not help the people as He had done before, and they hid in the mountains or wherever they could find a safe place. The enemy would steal their crops when they were ripe and cause them much trouble.

A Leader
When the people were in great trouble their idols could not help them, so they began to look to God again. God sent a man to them to remind them that they had been very disobedient and had been worshiping idols instead of worshiping Him. But God is always kind and merciful, and He called a man to be their leader in the battle against the people who were troubling them. This man’s name was Gideon.

One day when Gideon was busy threshing wheat, an angel came to him and began talking to him. Gideon did not know that this was an angel, and asked him why all the trouble had come to the people. Gideon thought that the Lord had forsaken them. Then Gideon prepared some food and brought it to the angel. The angel told him to lay it on a rock; then the angel touched it with the end of his staff and fire came out of the rock and burned up the offering. That meant that the Lord was pleased with Gideon.

When the angel disappeared, Gideon realized that he had seen an angel. Then the Lord told him to tear down the altars which had seen set up by his father to worship false gods. Gideon obeyed God. Of course, this made the people angry, because they had been worshiping in these places.

Gideon’s Fleece
Gideon wanted to be very sure that God would be with him in defeating the enemy. He would make a test: he would put some wool on the ground, and if God would let dew be on it and not on the ground, then Gideon would know that God was with him. Early in the morning Gideon went to look, and the wool was wet but the ground was dry. He took the fleece and wrung a bowlful of water from the wool. But still he was not satisfied and wanted to make another test. This time he wanted God to let the dew be on the ground but not on the wool. Again God did it as Gideon asked. Now Gideon must have felt certain that God would be with him in the battle.

The Three Hundred
God told Gideon that the army was too big; they had 32,000 soldiers. All the men who were afraid were told to go back. There is no place for cowards in God’s army. So 22,000 of them went back. But the Lord said the army was still too great. He told Gideon to bring the soldiers down to the water. All those who lapped the water like a dog –- watched and drank without kneeling -– those were the ones Gideon should take with him to the battle. There were only 300, but God said that was enough -– He would help them win the battle.

Gideon told them that they should carry trumpets, and pitchers with lamps in them. When he gave the signal they should blow the trumpets, and break the pitchers. No doubt the trumpets and the breaking of the pitchers made a great noise, and the lamps looked like a great fire at night. This frightened the enemy so that they ran away as fast as they could. Again God had helped the people win the battle.

A Wonderful God
They often disobeyed God; but when they were sorry for it and asked God to forgive them, He was always kind to forgive them and help them again. He does the same for us today. If people are sorry for their sins and ask Him to forgive them and keep them from sinning against Him, He will help them whenever they need His help. We are sure that Gideon was thankful to have such a wonderful God, and He is just the same today.


1. How did Gideon know for sure that God was going to help Israel win the battle? [Judges:6:37-40].
2. Why did Gideon take the people down to the water? [Judges:7:4].
3. How many men lapped the water? [Judges:7:6].
4. Did the Lord say that was enough men to win the battle? [Judges:7:7].
5. Did Gideon and his band win the battle? [Judges:7:21-22].