For in Cana of Galilee

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    Verse 1
    For in Cana of Galilee
    At that blest marriage feast
    Jesus was present in that place
    And His disciples too.

    Verse 2
    Jesus, reveal Thyself we pray
    At this holy wedding
    And bestow all of Thy blessing
    Upon husband and wife.

    Verse 3
    Let them both be in followship
    All the days of their life,
    Let Thy divine love be the tie
    That the world cannot break.

    Verse 4
    That they may one another help
    By working together
    Grant them Thy peace, O Lord, we pray
    And true satisfaction.

    Verse 5
    Like the first blessings Thou gave in
    The garden of Eden,
    That they may go and multiply
    Until their lives shall end.