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[Genesis:3:1-19]; [Isaiah:53:1-12]; [Matthew:27:27-56]; [Ephesians:2:1-13].

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“But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8).

When Adam and Eve fell in the Garden, they not only lost the blessings bestowed upon them but a sinful nature was conceived in their hearts, which was passed on to their posterity as an inheritance. God drove them away from the Garden having promised to send a Redeemer who would conquer the enemy and give man power to "go, and sin no more." The first prophecy concerning Jesus is in [Genesis:3:15], where God promised that a Child would be born who would grow up to be the Saviour of the world.

God has given Jesus power to rule everything in the world. "Thou hast put all things in subjection under his feet" [Hebrews:2:8]). Then why did Jesus come to this world and let men crucify Him? It was necessary for Him to die to pay the price of man's redemption. He told His disciples, "Therefore doth my Father love me, because I lay down my life, that I might take it again. No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself" [John:10:17-18]). Because Jesus was willing to die for us, we will not have to be punished for our sins, if we repent and ask Him to forgive us.

God's Law, "The soul that sinneth, it shall die," still stands; but Jesus was willing to die in our place. Jesus, the Son of God, known as the fairest Jewel of Heaven, God's Beloved, was willing to leave His beautiful Home and come to earth to suffer and die that God's Law might be satisfied without man suffering for his own sins. And because Jesus died we will have eternal life if we come to Him in repentance and ask Him to let His Blood be applied to our hearts. "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him, should not perish, but have everlasting life" [John:3:16]).

Item 1: Why did God send Jesus to the world? [Genesis:3:6-8], [Genesis:3:17-19]; [Romans:5:12], [Romans:5:17-19].

Item 2: Is there punishment for sin? Yes. [Ezekiel:18:20]; [Romans:3:23]; [Romans:3:6]:23; [Ecclesiastes:2:26]; [Proverbs:30:17]; [Isaiah:1:4-6].

Item 3: In what ways did Jesus suffer for us? [Isaiah:53:3-8]; [Matthew:27:27-31].

Item 4: What are some of the benefits we get from Jesus’ suffering, death and resurrection?
- Salvation (freedom from sin): [Matthew:1:21]; [Matthew:26:28]; [John:3:16]; [1 Thessalonians:5:9].

- Healing: [Isaiah:53:5], [1 Peter:2:24]; [James:5:13-15].

- Protection and Provision: [Exodus:12:13]; [Proverbs:18:10]; [Philippians:4:19]

- Hope of Resurrection: [Job:19:25-27]; [Isaiah:25:8]; [John:14:1-3]; [1 Corinthians:15:51-53]; [1 Thessalonians:4:14], [1 Thessalonians:4:16].

Item 5:
a) What can we give Him Who gave us His all? Our heart and love – [Deuteronomy:10:12]; [Matthew:22:37]; Our Talent – [Matthew:25:14-15], [Matthew:25:20-22]; [Luke:19:13]; [Romans:12:6-8]; Our Devotion and Service – [Joshua:22:5]; [Ephesians:6:7]; [Colossians:3:23]; Our Substance – [Deuteronomy:16:17]; [Luke:21:2-4]; [2 Corinthians:9:6-7].

b) What can we give to others?
- Love - to bring sinners to Christ: 1 Corinthians:9:20-22; [Romans:10:1]; [Exodus:32:32].

- Love for the brethren: [1 John:3:16]; [1 Peter:1:22]; [Romans:12:10].

- Providing for the needs of others - fatherless, widows, aged, needy, etc.: [James:1:27]; [James:2:15-16]; [1 John:3:17-18]; [Romans:12:13].

- Service to others: [James:1:27]; [2 Kings:4:9-10]; [Acts:9:36-39].

Jesus came as “the seed of the woman,” in the flesh. He was born into this world, grew up in Nazareth, played with other children, worked with His father; and when He was grown, He began to preach the Gospel. During His ministry, He suffered cold and hunger, mockery and ridicule; He was disbelieved by some of His best friends and members of His own family. He was later betrayed and crucified on the cruel cross. He went through all these suffering and agony so that He could be the Captain of our salvation; the Leader of all those who want to go to Heaven. He died to bear the punishment for sin, “that he by the grace of God should taste death for every man” [Hebrews:2:9]). He did it all for you and me. How we should love Him!

Challenge: Have you been reconciled to God through Christ our Substitute?

1. I gave My life for thee,
My precious Blood I shed,
That thou might’st ransomed be,
And quickened from the dead.
I gave My life for thee;
What hast thou given for Me?

2. I spent long years for thee
In weariness and woe,
That an eternity
Of joy thou mightest know,
I spent long years for thee,
Hast thou spent one for Me?

3. I suffered much for thee,
More than thy tongue can tell
Of bitterest agony,
To rescue thee from hell.
I suffered much for thee;
What canst thou bear for Me?

4. And I have brought to thee,
Down from My home above,
Salvation full and free,
My pardon and My love.
Great gifts I brought to thee,
What hast thou brought to Me?

5. Oh, let thy life be given,
Thy years for me be spent,
World-fetters all be riven,
And joy with suffering blent,
I gave Myself for thee;
Give thou thyself to Me.

Tonic Solfa:
s: s:- s: m:- s: l:-:
d. t. l. s:- s: f:- s: m:-:-:
s: s:- s: m:- s: l:-:
d. t. l. s:- s. t. l. t. d:-:-:
d: r:- r. r. d. t. d:- d: s:- )
d: t:- t. t. l. t. d:-:-: ) 2ce