Day of judgement! Day of wonders!

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Verse 1
Day of judgement! Day of wonders!
Hark! the trumpet's awful sound,
Louder than a thousand thunders,
Shakes the vast creation round:
How the summons, how the summons
Will the sinner's heart confound!

Verse 2
See the Judge, our nature wearing,
Clothed in majesty divine;
Ye who love the Lord's appearing
Then shall say, ?This God is mine!?
Gracious Saviour, gracious Saviour,
Own me on that day as Thine.

Verse 3
At His call the dead awaken,
Rise to life from earth and sea;
All the powers of nature, shaken,
At His call prepare to flee:
Careless sinner, careless sinner,
What will then become of thee?

Verse 4
The devil that deceives thee now
Listen thou not unto him
When these riches shall pass away
It shall find thee in the fire
My friend, think thou,
Of thy place in burning hell

Verse 5
Under affliction and mockery
Let this word thy counsel be
The day of the Lord comes quickly
Then our tears will turn to joy.
We shall conquer
When the world shall be on fire.