Do no sinful action,

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Verse 1
Do no sinful action,
Speak no angry word;
Ye belong to Jesus,
Children of the Lord.

Verse 2
Christ is kind and gentle,
Christ is pure and true;
And His little children
Must be holy, too.

Verse 3
There's a wicked spirit
Watching round you still,
And he tries to tempt you
To all harm and ill.

Verse 4
But ye must not hear him,
Though 'tis hard for you
To resist the evil,
And the good to do.

Verse 5
For ye promised truly,
In your infant days,
To renounce him wholly,
And forsake his ways.

Verse 6
Ye are Christian soldiers,
Ye must learn to fight
With the bad within you,
And to do the right.

Verse 7
Christ is your own Master,
He is good and true,
And His little children
Must be holy, too.