By faith, I crave to walk with God

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    Verse 1
    By faith, I crave to walk with God
    The end of my journey is heaven
    ?Thy rod and staff, they comfort me?
    The way Thou hast paved is the best.

    Verse 2
    I walk amidst great wilderness
    Where many souls have lost their way
    But He that leads me on the way
    Will not allow my foot to stray.

    Verse 3
    I walk amidst dangers and snares
    Earth and hell against me arrayed
    By Thy great power I have gone through
    By faith alone, I have victory.

    Verse 4
    I pity those who are boasting
    Of fleeting pleasures of this life
    Oh, Jesus, let me walk with Thee
    My Lord, my Saviour and my friend.