Faith is the ladder that connects

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Verse 1
Faith is the ladder that connects
The heaven and the earth,
Through faith, the many miracles
Were wrought on earth by Christ.

Verse 2
Enock rode chariot of fire
By which he went to heaven,
It saved the three Hebrew children
And Daniel from the den.

Verse 3
By faith Noah prepared an Ark
The ark of salvation;
The power that took Elijah up
In chariots of fire.

Verse 4
Faith is the foundation of hope
It can perform great things,
Faith brings something out of nothing,
Can do the impossible.

Verse 5
By faith, God spoke the Word of power;
And lo, the world was made!
By the same power of faith, at last
The sinner shall be saved.

Verse 6
''Be it unto you as your faith;''
The Saviour always said:
Give me a heart that will believe
Thy words of promise, Lord.