Go, when the morning shineth

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    Verse 1
    Go, when the morning shineth
    Go, when the noon is bright;
    Go, when the eve declineth;
    Go, in the hush of night;
    Go with pure mind and feeling
    Fling earthly cares away,
    And in thy chamber kneeling
    Do thou in secret pray.

    Verse 2
    Remember all who love thee,
    All who are loved by thee;
    Pray too for those who hate thee,
    If any such there be:
    Then for thyself in meekness
    A blessing humbly claim,
    And link with each petition
    Thy great Redemeer's name.

    Verse 3
    Or if it's here denied thee
    In solitude to pray,
    Should holy thoughts come o'er thee,
    When friends are round thy way,
    Even then the silent pleading
    Of thy spirit raised up
    Will reach His throne of glory,
    Who's mercy, truth, and love.

    Verse 4
    Oh, not a joy or blessing
    With this can we compare;
    The power that He has given us
    To pour our souls in prayer;
    Where'er thou pin'st in sadness,
    Before His footstool fall,
    And remember in thy gladness
    His grace who gives thee all.