God of all wisdom and goodness

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    CGS No.: 

    Verse 1
    God of all wisdom and goodness
    Give us Thy light and truth
    To show the strait and narrow way
    And our footsteps to guide.

    Verse 2
    When in danger to be our guide
    And on the rocky steep;
    To pilot our ship safely through
    Until we reach the shore.

    Verse 3
    And as we grow more in Thy grace,
    To teach them as Thy word;
    Help us to teach all our children
    According to Thy ways.

    Verse 4
    In time, destroy their vain desire
    The lust and pride of life,
    Help to teach them the holy way
    To their Saviour and Lord.

    Verse 5
    We want to look up and follow
    Thy good example, Lord
    Channel their hope and fear to Thee,
    Their thoughts to be renewed.

    Verse 6
    We want to woo them to have faith
    And show their zeal for Thee;
    Grant that we teach not peevishly
    Rather, teach them with love.

    Verse 7
    In faith we ask for this from Thee
    E'en wisdom from above;
    Grant them a childish fear in Thee
    And with a perfect love.

    Verse 8
    Help us to guide their bent to evil
    Away from all dangers,
    That we may gently bend their hearts
    And draw them close to Thee.