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[Revelation:19:5-16]; [Matthew:24:21-36].

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“The  coming  of  the  Lord  draweth  nigh”   (James 5:8).


The Throne of God
John was still on the lonely island of Patmos, where wicked men had sent him because he told people about Jesus. But he was not alone, for Jesus came and talked to him there, and told him to write all the things he saw. John did write about what he saw and heard, and we may read it in the Book of Revelation, the last Book of the Bible.

John saw a great many strange and wonderful things, which were to happen in the future. He saw the throne of God with a beautiful rainbow around it, that looked like an emerald which is a costly stone of a rich, green colour. He saw men sitting around the throne, clothed in white, and they had crowns of gold upon their heads. Did you know that Jesus has a beautiful crown in Heaven for every one of us?

The Hallelujah Chorus
Suddenly John heard a sound that was like a great body of rushing water and as loud thunderings. What do you suppose that was? It was a very great number of people saying, “Alleluia: for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth.” What a happy crowd of men, women, and children! Great and small were joining in the song of praise unto God.

We love to hear the children sing in the Sunday School. But can you imagine what it will be when all the saved children from all the Sunday Schools in the world join with all the redeemed men and women of the world and sing, “Alleluia”? From Africa our Christian friends will come; from India, China, Norway, and all other lands and islands of the sea -– all nations and all languages will join in a song of praise unto God. Wouldn’t you love to be one of that company someday and sing the Hallelujah Chorus in Heaven? You can be one of them.

The Marriage Supper
Do we remember the story in [Luke:14:16-24], about the man who made a great supper and invited many people to come? When the supper was ready he sent his servant out to call those who had been invited. But each one to whom the servant went had an excuse for not going to the supper. But the master wanted his house to be filled, so he told the servant to go out and bring people in, and the house was filled.

That lesson is a picture of the Great Supper which John tells about in [Revelation:19:9]. And who do you suppose is going to serve the saints of God at the supper? Jesus Himself will come forth and serve them [Luke:12:37]). Oh, what joy will fill the heart of every one who is there! We cannot even begin to imagine the great things that God has prepared for those who love Him, but John tells us a little of the glories of Heaven.

King of Kings
As John looked he saw Heaven open and a beautiful white horse appear. The Rider of the horse had a name written upon His clothing, “KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.” His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on His head was not only one crown, but many crowns. He is greater than all the kings of the earth and He will be the Ruler of all people and nations. As John watched, he saw all the saints who wore the lovely white linen clothes also riding on white horses, following their Leader back to this earth.

For 1,000 years Jesus will be King upon the earth, and the saints who come back on white horses will be His helpers. We have already learned of that time of peace upon the earth when blind people will be able to see, crippled folk will walk straight, when the calf and the lion shall live together in peace and a little child shall lead them. (See lesson 121. )

Forever with the Lord
We do not understand all John wrote in Revelation, and perhaps John did not understand all he saw that was yet to happen. But we do not need to worry about or fear any of the things that are coming to pass. The only thing we must do is prepare to meet Jesus when He comes.

If our hearts are white and clean we will be caught: away to meet the Lord in the air. We will be given those lovely white robes and will have part in that Great Supper. That is not all: we will be forever with Jesus. We will walk the golden streets of Heaven. There will be harps of gold and a sea of glass.

Very soon, we know not how soon, Jesus is coming in the clouds to receive those who are ready. What will happen to those who are not ready and are left behind? They must go through a time of great trouble on the earth. There will be much suffering, and many strange and terrible things will happen during the Great Tribulation.

But we expect to be ready to go with Jesus. We are praying every day in order to keep our hearts white and clean. If we are not ready now, let us get ready at once. We do not want to be like those who made excuses, for an excuse will never get us into Heaven. If we neglect to seek God, or if we make excuses for not seeking Him, we will not be ready to go with Jesus. If we are left behind, someone else will take our place at the table during the Great Supper, and will receive our crown, too.


1. What did it sound like to John when the multitude said, “Alleluia”? [Revelation:19:6].
2. How were the saints dressed? [Revelation:19:8].
3. Who is King of kings? [Revelation:19:11-16].
4. Who will serve the saints at the Marriage Supper? [Luke:12:37].
5. Why should we always be ready for Jesus’ coming? [Luke:12:40].