The hour is come, the feast is nigh

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Verse 1
The hour is come, the feast is nigh
I give Myself to you
Behold I give my blood to you
Shed for your redemption.

Verse 2
Till my Father's kingdom above
Before I drink again
By then, no more shall tears be shed
It shall be joy for aye.

Verse 3
This supper shall e'er continue
Until His kingdom come
All o'er the world shall many souls
Eat this supper and drink.

Verse 4
God's blessings shall be poured from heav'n
Upon all those who eat
And from my Father's throne on high
I'll prepare them a place.

Verse 5
But now, for the present I'll drink
The bitter cup for you
And for your sakes, I'll drink the cup
Of sore anguish of death.

Verse 6
Ye cannot know my deep sorrow
Nor yet, my glory see
But thism continue ye to do
And thus, remember me.