How delightful is the Lord's day

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    Verse 1
    How delightful is the Lord's day
    The bell that rings, the word we hear,
    When I feel sad and sorrowful,
    They always make my heart so glad.

    Verse 2
    How delightful also the hour
    That I observe within Thy courts
    To know the sweet pleasure in prayer,
    Partake the manna of Thy word.

    Verse 3
    There is delight in the ?Amen?
    From many lips that fills the house,
    It pours out from the throat of men,
    And passes to the Father's throne.

    Verse 4
    The world may wish to tie me down
    To its six-day labour burden,
    Break up the chain; remove the snare,
    Release my soul and set me free.