Hush! blessed are the dead

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Verse 1
Hush! blessed are the dead
In Jesus' arms who rest,
And lean their weary head
For ever on His breast.

Verse 2
Oh beatific sight!
No darkling veil between,
They see the Light of Light,
Whom here they loved unseen.

Verse 3
For them the wild is past
With all its toil and care;
Its withering midnight blast
Its fiery noonday glare.

Verse 4
Ours only are the tears,
Who weep around their tomb
The light of bygone years
And shadowing year to come.

Verse 5
Their voice, their touch, their smile,
Those love-springs flowing o'er ---
Earth for its little while
Shall never know them more.

Verse 6
O tender hearts and true,
Our long last vigil kept,
We weep and mourn for you;
Nor blame us: Jesus wept.

Verse 7
But soon at break of day
His calm Almighty voice,
Stronger than death, shall say,
Awake, --- arise --- rejoice.