I and all those of my household

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Verse 1
I and all those of my household
Will worship and serve the Lord God,
But I even I will
By my words and by my actions
Show that I know the God of heav'n
And serve Him truthfully.

Verse 2
I will create good example
And remove every obstacle
From the way of my ward;
By my life, show them their duty
Yet, in my duty, to obtain
Honour that comes through love.

Verse 3
I'll be easily entreated
And in wrath remember mercy,
The Lord's true disciple;
I also want to be holy
And bring my household and loved ones
Into the narrow way.

Verse 4
When Thou has put the flame of love
Within this chosen vessel's heart
Receive it to Thyself;
Lord, do Thy goodwill within me,
Help to show by my life how each
Bible Christian should live.

Verse 5
Grant to me, dear Lord, Thy good grace;
Behold, I come to testify
Of Thy wonderful name
That saved my soul from perdition
And the grace that is felt within
Of which each tongue can speak.

Verse 6
I who have been set free from sin
Desire my household to be saved;
I would tell of pardon
To my child, my wife and servants
To make them walk in the good way
To a holy heaven.