I will love Thee, God the Father

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    Verse 1
    I will love Thee, God the Father
    My sweet Saviour, Lord and King;
    I will love Thee, for without Thee
    The world is sore and bitter.

    Verse 2
    I'll love Thee, for all blessings flow
    As token of Thy great love
    I'll love Thee, for he who loves Thee
    Will never be left alone.

    Verse 3
    I'll love Thee Lord, take care of me
    Oh let Thy eyes be my guide
    I'll love thee Lord, this heart will die
    Without the food of Thy love.

    Verse 4
    I have vowed, I will love Thee Lord
    My heart trusts in Thy deep love
    And loving Thee, I'll not forget
    The shed blood of my Saviour.