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“The God of love and peace shall be with you” (II Corinthians  13:11).


Joseph Made Himself Known
The brothers were fearful about bringing Benjamin down to Joseph because it would make their father very sad. Then Joseph knew that they loved their father and their youngest brother.

Then he told them that he was their brother Joseph. The brothers were surprised, and perhaps afraid that he would punish them for selling him, but he told them not to be afraid. God had permitted him to be sent there to help them.

Joseph Sent for His Father
Joseph told them to go home and bring their father back with them to live with them in Joseph’s country. Joseph said that there would still be five years that food would be hard to get, and if they were with Joseph he could take care of them. He kissed his brothers and let them know he was not angry with them. He gave them much grain and many presents.

Jacob’s Surprise and Joy
When the brothers came home and told their father that Joseph was alive, and that he was the man they had bought the grain from, Jacob could hardly believe that they were telling the truth. But they told him it was the truth, and said that Joseph wanted his father to come to see him. It was easy now to get Jacob to go to see his dear son Joseph, whom he thought an animal had killed many years before. God told Jacob not to be afraid to go, that He would be with Jacob and take care of him. He got ready very quickly and went on his way to be with Joseph.

The King is Kind to Jacob and His Sons
Joseph told the king that his father had come. The king seemed to be glad Joseph’s father had come, because he knew how happy it had made Joseph, whom he liked very much.

The brothers had been very wicked in selling their brother Joseph because they were jealous of him, and they surely had to ask God to forgive them for the wrong thing they had done. God forgave them and gave them a good place to live, and a good place for their cattle. Joseph must have been happy to have his father and his brothers with him many years.


1. Why had Joseph been sold into Egypt? [Genesis:45:7].
2. Did Joseph freely forgive his brothers for the wrong they had done him? [Genesis:45:5-8], [Genesis:45:14-15].
3. What does God say to us about forgiving? [Mark:11:25]; [Luke:6:37].
4. How did Jacob feel when he learned that Joseph was still alive? [Genesis:45:26-28].
Lamb of God, I look to Thee;
Thou shalt my example be;
Thou art gentle, meek, and mild;
Thou wast once a little child.
Fain I would be as Thou art;
Give me Thy obedient heart!
Thou art pitiful and kind;
Let me have Thy loving mind!
Meek and lowly may I be;
Thou art all humility!
Let me to my betters bow;
Subject to Thy parents Thou.
Loving Jesus, gentle Lamb,
In Thy gracious hands I am;
Make me, Saviour, what Thou art!
Live Thyself within my heart!
                                                      Charles Wesley