Jesus, deep secrets of Thy word

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Verse 1
Jesus, deep secrets of Thy word
Who can unfold its truth
Who is so wise, that understands,
Who its depth can fathom

Verse 2
Who can open the Bible, Lord
And not feel conviction,
Whomsoever that one may be,
When sins are laid open

Verse 3
Make Thou, Thy minister perfect
He whom you love and choose;
Keep him amidst the storms of life
And all its temptations

Verse 4
That he may walk in holiness
Where all Thy people;
To make himself an example
Of righteousness and light

Verse 5
And when he stands before the flock
Those that Thou has redeemed;
Whether to blame them or to praise
Let it be as Thy word

Verse 6
Pour out Thy spirit upon him
And Thy full blessings, Lord
Feed him that may also feed
Thy flock with bread of life