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"We love him, because he first loved us" I John 4:19

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The City of Jerusalem
On the map is a little strip of land that is loved more than any place on earth, and by more people, because it is the land where Jesus was born, where he grew up, where He died on the cross, and where He rose again from the grave.

When Jesus was just a baby His mother took Him in her arms to the Temple in Jerusalem. When He was 12 years old, His parents took Him there; and we know He went there several times after He had grown up. He loved Jerusalem, but He did not love the sin he saw there. One time He said he would like to have protected the people as a hen protects chicken by gathering them under her wings, but the people would not believe Him and obey Him, and he could not protect them from the sad things that were coming to them.

“Blessed be the King”
Hundreds of people went to Jerusalem to great feasts when they brought offerings to God and worshiped Him. One day as Jesus was nearing Jerusalem He told some of the disciples to bring Him a colt they would find in another village. When the owner saw them taking the colt, he wanted to know why they were taking it. They said that Jesus wanted it. The owner must have loved Jesus, because he seemed wiling to let them take the colt to Jesus. Those who love Jesus are glad to give Him whatever He asks them for, or do whatever He asks them to do.

The people had heard of the great things Jesus had done – healed the sick, made the blind see, and raised the dead – and they were glad to see Him. When he came riding along they threw their clothes on the ground for Him to ride over. This was to show Him that they honoured Him as a King. The people shouted with joy when they saw Him. Those who did not love Him tried to make them stop; but Jesus said that if the people did not shout for joy the stones would cry out.

Jesus Crucified
Not long after this wonderful day, the bad people who hated Jesus told likes about Him to the rulers. Jesus was taken before Pilate -– the ruler -– but Pilate said that he could find nothing wrong with Jesus. Pilate wanted to let Jesus go, but the people who did not love Him wanted to put Him on the cross to die. They cried out, “let him be crucified.” Finally Pilate took a basin of water and washed his hands and said that he was innocent; but he was not! He was more afraid of the people than of God, and he let them hang Jesus on the cross.

The soldiers came and took Jesus away; they took off His robe and put a scarlet robe on Him; they made a crown of thorns and pressed it on His head and bowed their knee before Him, and laughed at Him. They spit in His face and struck Him. Then they took the robe off Him again and put His own clothes on Him and led Him away to die on the cross.

All this Jesus suffered without a word of murmur or complaint. He suffered it all so that you and I might be saved from our sins. Why shouldn’t we love Him! Why shouldn’t we obey Him and serve Him with all our hearts!

Laid in a Tomb
A kind friend, called Joseph, asked Pilate, the governor, if he might have the body of Jesus. Pilate gave the body to Joseph, who lovingly wrapped it in a beautiful linen cloth. Then Joseph laid Jesus in a new tomb hewn out of rock, and rolled a stone before the door.

A Loving Mother
“Mama,” said a little child to her mother when she was being put to bed at night -– “Mama, what makes your hand so scarred and twisted, and not like other people’s hands?” “Well,” said the mother, “my child, when you were younger than you are now, years ago, one night after I had put you to bed, I heard a cry upstairs. I came up, and found that the bed was on fire, and you were on fire. I took hold of you, and I tore off the burning garments; and while I was tearing them off and trying to get you away I burned my hand, and it has been scarred and twisted ever since, and hardly looks like a hand. I got that, my child, in trying to save you.”

Jesus had five wounds in His body: in His hands, in His feet, and in His side. He got those wounds dying to save us. How much we would love Jesus and thank Him for what He has done for us!

Salvation Through Jesus
This mother saved her child from death. But the saving of our soul is far more important than the saving of our life. Many people have done brave deeds in their life, and some have lost their life in trying to spare the life of a friend. But only through Jesus’ death and the precious Blood He shed, can people be saved from their sins.


1. Did the people want to release Barabbas or Jesus? [Matthew:27:20-21].
2. Did they want Jesus to be crucified? [Matthew:27:22].
3. What kind of crown did they place on Jesus head? [Matthew:27:29].
4. Who else was crucified with Jesus? [Matthew:27:38].
5. For whom did Jesus suffer all this? [Isaiah:53:3-10].