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[Matthew:9:18-31]; [Luke:7:12-15]; [Mark:2:1-11].

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“I will come and heal him”  (Matthew 8:7).


A Little Girl Raised from the Dead
As soon as people heard that Jesus could heal the sick, they followed Him wherever He went. The well people brought their sick relatives and friends to Jesus to be healed. We do not read that He ever turned anyone away who came to Him, and He even raised them up from the dead when He saw a funeral.

A little girl, whom a father no doubt loved very dearly, had died. He had heard of the great things Jesus was doing, and he seemed to believe that Jesus could and would raise his child up if He laid His hand on her. Jesus was always glad to help all who came to him for help, and He went to the man’s house when he asked Him to come.

The people thought she was dead, but in Jesus’ sight she was only sleeping, for Jesus knew that He could awaken her even from death. The people laughed at Jesus when He said she was sleeping. Perhaps Jesus told them to go out of the room because they did not believe He could raise her up again. But all Jesus needed to do was to take her by the hand and raise her up. When the father saw her living again he was surely very glad that he had believed that Jesus could raise her up. It is always a good thing to trust Jesus and to believe His Word.

A Young Man Raised from the Dead
One day when Jesus came into a city He saw a funeral procession. He probably went near to ask who was dead, and He saw a mother walking beside the coffin, crying. Jesus was very kind and He must have felt sorry for the mother when she told Him that it was her only son who was dead. Jesus told her not to cry -– meaning that He would make him live again.

Then Jesus went to the coffin, touched it, and had those who carried it stop; and He said, “Young man, I say unto thee, Arise.” The boy sat up and began to speak. How happy that mother must have been when she saw her boy walking around and well again! Jesus was surely always welcome in that home, and the mother and the boy must have loved Him very much.

Many people heard what Jesus had done and they believed that He was very great and very good; and they thanked God that Jesus was there with them.

A Paralyzed Man Healed
One time the people heard that Jesus was in a certain house and they came there with their sick people for Jesus to heal, and to hear Him teach. There must have been a big crowd outside the house; for when the paralyzed man was brought, his friends could not take him through the door because of the crowd. But they were determined to bring him to Jesus, so they took a part of the roof off and let him right down into the room. The roofs of those houses were not made like the roofs of our houses. They were often covered with branches of trees, palm leaves, and some sun-dried mud.

Jesus liked to see their faith and their effort to come to Him for help, and He told the sick man to get up, take up his bed, and go to his own home.

There never was any sickness that Jesus could not heal; and He has just the same power today, and is healing many people who trust Him.


1. What should we do when we are sick: [James:5:13-15].
2. What does Jesus expect of us? [Hebrews:11:6].
3. Who heals us? [Exodus:15:26]; [1 Peter:2:24].
4. What question did Jesus ask the blind men? [Matthew:9:23].
5. Did Jesus ever turn a sick person away? [Matthew:12:15]; [Luke:9:11].