Jesus Lord, how happy we are

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Verse 1
Jesus Lord, how happy we are
That we are Thine own disciples,
We, who spend all our life
In service to God and to man,
We spend the day in good service
And use the night in prayer

Verse 2
We have no time to be lazy
Or moments to spend idly by;
We are pressing forward;
There's no weakness of the body
For those who serve and work for Thee,
Those who know Thee alone

Verse 3
Times and seasons pass swiftly by
The hours are too small for our use;
To sing Thy wondrous praise
The joyful moments flee away;
We want to join the heav'nly host
To sing eternally

Verse 4
We love, always, to sing Thy praise
With all the host of heav'n above
The shining white robed throng
That Holy, Holy, Holy sing
To sing around the throne of God
The everlasting song