Jesus, Lord we come to Thee,

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    Verse 1
    Jesus, Lord we come to Thee,
    At Thy feet we humbly kneel,
    Despise not our petition,
    Ah! shall we seek Thee in vain?

    Verse 2
    In the way Thou choose for us,
    We are seeking Thee this hour,
    O Lord, we shall not depart,
    Until Thou will bless us all.

    Verse 3
    Send a message in Thy word
    That gives joy unto our hearts,
    May Thy spirit here bestow
    Forgiveness to all our hearts.

    Verse 4
    Let us seek Thee and find Thee
    As a benevolent God
    Heal the sick, set-captives free,
    Let us all rejoice in Thee.