Jesus Lord, we look to Thee

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    Verse 1
    Jesus Lord, we look to Thee
    For the healing of the sick
    Thou has shown Thy great mercy
    To the sick man near the lake.

    Verse 2
    There's no physician like Thee
    That can heal soul and body,
    Thou didst raise Jairus daughter
    And brought her forth from the dead.

    Verse 3
    Lazarus was sick before
    Died, was buried in the grave;
    But Thou the Great Physician
    Raised the dead on the fourth day.

    Verse 4
    Jesus, Lord, pardon our sins,
    Help us heal this sickness, Lord;
    That he stand, to Thy glory
    So, we may give praise to Thee.

    Verse 5
    Thou has never failed to heal
    Any sickness, while on earth,
    Thou has said in Thy mercy
    That Thy promise will not fail.