Jesus my life, dwell thou in me

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Verse 1
Jesus my life, dwell thou in me
Fill me with Thy spirit
Nail to the cross, vile affections
According to Thy death

Verse 2
Thou who art Victor over sin
I want to be holy
Wash my heart, destroy sin nature
Reign in my heart for aye

Verse 3
As the old Adam dies in me,
Thy Spirit will fill it
Jesus, bury me in Thy grave
That I may rise with Thee

Verse 4
Reign in me, conquer Thou the foe
That does not bow to Thee
Bestow Thy image in my heart
And be my light alway

Verse 5
Take care of my imperfections
Make me Thy dwelling place
Fill all my heart with glory
As temple built by God