Jesus the Son, Lord of us all

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Verse 1
Jesus the Son, Lord of us all
Who is always the same ever
Give ear to the cry of Thy child
And teach us how to pray to Thee,
Give us a heart that prays to Thee,
Wake us early to seek Thy face.

Verse 2
We cannot think any good thought
Our intentions cannot be good
Except, Thou our Creator put
Such grace and goodness deep within;
Then we shall have a heart like Thine,
Compassionate, yielded to Thee.

Verse 3
Jesus, listen to the complaint
Of Thy own in severe trial
Give those things we do not possess
Send the blessed Comforter down
Give to us a spirit of prayer
Send Thy Holy Ghost to our souls.

Verse 4
Send the Holy Spirit to us
Make us a part to Thy body
That all our ailment may be stemmed,
That sinner's anxious thoughts may cease
Power to prevail with Thee in prayer,
Until our heart is house of prayer.

Verse 5
Come down in the spirit of prayer
To us who are seeking for Thee,
The grace to prevail in our prayer,
Is our earnest supplication,
Endow us with this, Lord Jesus
Thou will supply all other things.