Jesus when Thou wert on earth,

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    Verse 1
    Jesus when Thou wert on earth,
    You ceased not to heal the sick;
    The cry of the suffering sick
    Did never fall to the ground.

    Verse 2
    Thou art too compassionate
    To leave sinners to suffer,
    Though the affliction is meet
    For him, for his sinfulness.

    Verse 3
    In the fight that I might be
    Free from all eternal doom,
    You made provision for me
    That I have peace in my flesh.

    Verse 4
    Visit the sick of Thy flock
    Rent with pain on his sick bed
    The true and Great Physician
    Heal the sick and make him whole

    Verse 5
    Grant him abundant comfort,
    May he put his trust in Thee,
    May he know that Thou alone
    Thou can kill or make alive.

    Verse 6
    Grant him grace never to doubt
    Nor when in pain to give up,
    Give him Thy grace to affirm,
    `In life or death, it's Thy will.`

    Verse 7
    We implore Thou Lord to heal
    All the sick ones in Thy flock;
    If Thou wilt not, then we know
    All things work out for our good.