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[Genesis:42:1-38]; [Genesis:43:1-34].

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“Owe no man any thing, but to love one another”   (Romans 13:8).


The King Rewards Joseph
When Joseph told the king the meaning of his dreams the king was much pleased with Joseph and he wanted Joseph to help him. Perhaps the king thought that God would help Joseph and Joseph would help the king. So he gave him work to do -– gathering grain while there was plenty of it.

After they had eaten all the grain in the country where Joseph’s father and brothers lived, they heard that there was grain in another country far away, so they went to that country to get it.

Joseph’s Dreams Come True
When the brothers came to the land where the grain was, and saw the man who sold the grain, they bowed down before him. God knew what was going to happen and He showed Joseph in a dream that his brothers would do that. But when Joseph told them about it, many years before, they had not liked it.

Joseph’s Brothers Did Not Know Him
Joseph knew his brothers but they did not know him. They perhaps thought he was dead. He did not tell them right away that he was their brother; perhaps he wanted to find out more about them, and to see whether they were any better men now than they were when they sold him. When Joseph asked them who they were, about their father, they said that there had been twelve brothers, but one of them was not with them any more. Joseph might have told them then that he was the missing one, but he did not tell them so then.

Joseph Asks for the Youngest Brother
The brothers said they had a younger brother at home. Then Joseph said he was going to keep one there until they brought the younger brother to him. After three days, Joseph told them they could go home with the grain, but he would keep one of them until they brought with them the youngest brother.

Joseph was very kind to them and had their sacks filled with good grain, and he put the money they gave him for the grain back in their sacks. He gave them extra grain for themselves, to eat on the way home.

They Tell Their Father What Happened
They told their father what the strange man said about bringing their youngest brother back with them. That made him very sad. But they needed food, so Jacob had to let Benjamin go.

We are certain that Jacob asked God to take good care of Benjamin and bring him back to him again. God always hears the prayers of those who love Him, and God was with Benjamin.


1. Why did the father keep Benjamin at home? [Genesis:42:4].
2. Were the boys sorry for what they had done to Joseph? [Genesis:42:21-22].
3. Was Joseph happy to see his brothers again? [Genesis:42:24].
4. What presents did Jacob send to Joseph? [Genesis:43:11-12].
5. How did Joseph feel when he saw Benjamin? [Genesis:43:30].