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[Genesis:13:1-8]; [Genesis:14:13-16].

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“Keep yourselves in the love of God” (Jude1:21).

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God Called a Man He Could Trust
When God wanted a man who would do exactly what He wanted to be done He chose a man named Abraham who lived in a far-eastern country. The people in that country worshiped idols, but we do not know that Abraham ever did. At least, God saw that he would worship the true God when he heard about Him.

Our soldier boys tell us that a soldier is expected to do what his officer tells him to do, and do it when he tells him to do it. God must have seen that Abraham would be that kind of soldier for Him. Abraham believed all that God told him. No doubt that is the reason God blessed him in every way.

Abraham Went Where God Told Him to Go
Abraham must have loved his home and his country very much; but when God told him to leave it, and go to some other place, he did not say he would not go. He obeyed God, and took his nephew, Lot, with him.

Abraham Built an Altar
When Abraham came to a new place, about the first thing he did was to build an altar where he could worship God. Abraham did not forget to love God, to thank Him, and to ask Him to be with him.

Abraham’s Servants and Lot’s Servants Disagree
Abraham had camels, goats, sheep, and many other animals. Lot did also. But their herdsmen began to quarrel over the pastures for their cattle. Abraham said it was not right to quarrel, and he told Lot that he and Lot must go to different places. He said Lot might choose the land he wanted. Abraham was not selfish. Lot chose the land that had the most water for his cattle, but his choice was not a good one. He chose a place where there were some wicked people. One day wicked kings came and carried him and his family and the cattle away.

When Abraham heard what had happened to his nephew, Lot, he took about 300 of his men and went after the robbers. The robbers were caught and punished, and Lot and his family were brought back.

A king whom Abraham had helped wanted to pay him, but Abraham would not take pay for doing a kind deed.


1. Who gave Abraham all that he had? [1 Timothy:6:17]; [Acts:17:28]; [James:1:17].
2. What shows us that Abraham was not selfish? [Genesis:13:9].
3. What does God say to us about being selfish? [Romans:12:10]; [Philippians:2:3-4].
4. Why would Abraham not take a present for being kind to the king? [Genesis:14:23].
5. Does God want us to expect pay for every little act of kindness? [Luke:6:38]; [2 Corinthians:9:7]; [Matthew:10:8].