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[1 Kings:3:5-15]; [1 Kings:10:1-13].

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“Whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do”  (John 14:13).


David’s Son
When David had grown old and knew that he would soon die, he called his son, Solomon, to him and told him what to do. David wanted his son to obey the Lord and keep all His commandments. David said that if Solomon would do this, he would be happy.

After David’s death, Solomon sat on the throne and ruled the people. He was still very young, about 18 years of age, and there was a great deal of hard work ahead for him. He must tell all the people who came to him what they should do when they got into trouble, and that was hard. He was sure God knew just what the right way was; and how Solomon wished that he knew, too, for he loved the Lord then and tried to do the things that would please Him. He often went to God’s house to pray and worship.

A Wonderful Dream
One night, after Solomon had been praying and worshiping, God spoke to him in a dream an said, “Ask what I shall give thee”. How many thoughts must have gone through Solomon’s mind: there were so many things he would like to have, and God had told him to ask just what he wanted. He might ask to live a very long while, or to have great riches for himself – silver and gold and beautiful clothes and fine houses, and more servants to wait on him and do his work; or he might ask to have his enemies taken away so they would not trouble him any more. How many things he had to choose from! But he did not ask for any of these. He knew something that was worth more than silver or gold or any of those things, and he asked for that.

Prayer Answered
First he thanked God for having blessed and helped his father David, making him a great king, and then he asked God for wisdom to be able to lead the people and be a good king over them. The Lord was pleased with Solomon’s request. Although the Lord spoke to him in a dream, He gave him the wisdom for which he asked. More than that, the Lord gave him the things he did not ask for: riches and honour; there was not another king as wise as King Solomon.

Solomon’s Temple
The Lord put it into Solomon’s heart to build a house in which to worship God. The Temple was built of stones that were prepared before they were brought to Jerusalem. So there was no noise of hammer or axe or tools heard while the Temple was being built. There were many beautiful carvings and much gold in the Temple.

After seven years of hard work the Temple was finished. The Lord was pleased with this house of worship. At the dedication the Lord came down in a cloud that filled the whole place. The priests could not stand, because of the glory of the Lord.

The Queen of Sheba
People all over the world heard of the wisdom of Solomon, and many came to talk to him, and to see the Temple which he had built. A queen came to visit King Solomon. She brought fine gifts to him -– gold, spices, and jewels. She asked the king many hard questions; he had an answer for her every time. The Queen of Sheba told the king that she had heard much about his wisdom and his riches, but she had not believed it all. But now she saw for herself that it was true, and she added, “The half was not told me.”

More Than He Asked
King Solomon also made a great throne of ivory and covered it with the best gold. The throne had six steps, with two lions standing on each step. He also had many servants to work for him. He had a navy at sea; and once in three years the ships came in and brought gold, silver, ivory, monkeys, and peacocks to the king.

We see that God gave Solomon the wisdom he asked for, and much more. We all know that God answers prayer today. One way to receive an answer to our prayers is to pray that God will give us what we want if He wants us to have it. Sometimes people ask for things, and the Lord knows that it is not best that they have them; so He does not give them what they ask. But Solomon’s request pleased God, and it was answered.

Our Help
God has told us, too, that if we want to know the right thing to do when we are in trouble or in doubt we may come to Him and He will tell us what to do. God knows all things and is willing to teach us if we ask Him.


1. How did the Lord appear to Solomon? [1 Kings:3:5].
2. For what did Solomon ask? [1 Kings:3:9].
3. Was the Lord pleased with this request? [1 Kings:3:10].
4. Did the Lord give Solomon only what he asked? [1 Kings:3:12-13].
5. Tell of the Queen of Sheba’s visit to King Solomon. [1 Kings:10:1-13].