King of Saints, to whom the number

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Verse 1
King of Saints, to whom the number
Of Thy starry host is known,
Many a name, by man forgotten,
Lives forever round Thy throne

Verse 2
Lights, which earth-born mists have darkened
There are shining full and clear
Princes in the courts of Heaven,
Nameless, unremembered here

Verse 3
How they toiled for Thee and suffered
None on earth can now record;
All their saintly saintly life is hidden
In the knowledge of their Lord.

Verse 4
All is veiled from us, but written
In the Lamb's great book of life,
All the faith, and prayer, and patience,
All the toiling, and the strife.

Verse 5
There are told Thy hidden treasures,
Number us, O Lord, with them,
When Thou makest up the jewels
Of Thy living diadem.