Let us go to the mercy seat,

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Verse 1
Let us go to the mercy seat,
And there commune with Christ,
The God of love shows compassion,
To those who worship there.

Verse 2
The mercy seat, ev'n mercy seat,
There on our bended knees,
God sends the showers of blessing
When ever there we meet.

Verse 3
The mercy seat: rejoice ye Saints
We're free to make approach,
Pour out your grief before the Lord,
And seek His will to do.

Verse 4
We cannot but love mercy seat,
For so long as we live,
Also an interceding Lord,
Until death sets us free.

Verse 5
In heav'n Christ's face will radiate
Light round the mercy seat,
Then we shall no more be in want,
Nor need the mercy seat