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[Isaiah:11:1-16]; [Isaiah:35:1-10].

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“We shall also live with him” (II Timothy 2:11).


King Jesus
Do you know that someday Jesus is going to be King, or Leader, of all the people of the earth? He is, and we believe it will be soon.

Oh, doesn’t it make us glad to think that Jesus, our Friend, whom we have worshiped, to whom we have prayed, about whom we have talked, and who talks to us through the Bible and in our hearts – will be our King! We should pray for Him to come soon.

We all know the beautiful prayer, which Jesus taught His disciples. We call it the Lord’s Prayer in which these words are found: “Thine kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.”

Getting Ready
When Jesus first came to earth many people wanted Him to be their king then. They thought it would be very good to have a king who made sick people well, raised the dead to life, and made enough food out of a few loaves and fishes to feed a great crowd of people, as He did when He fed the 5,000.

But Jesus had to make a way for people to be good and holy before He could be their King. None of us were good until we prayed and repented as Jesus told the people to do. We felt so sorry that by being bad and naughty we had made Jesus sad, that we cried and asked God to forgive us. Of course, He did, and He saved us. Then if we love and obey Jesus every day, we can be with Him when He is King of the earth for a thousand years!

The Curse Lifted
We know some of the wonderful things that are going to happen when Jesus is the King, because we read about them in the Bible. The Bible is God’s Word, and we know that what God says always comes true.

Do you remember when you visited the zoo? You saw that the bears and lions and all the animals and snakes have to be shut up in cages so they will not hurt us. When Jesus is King we can go right out and sleep in the woods [Ezekiel:34:25]). We might wake up in the morning and find a wolf lying beside us, but we could reach over and pet him. He would not hurt us. All the wild animals will be tame.

If we live on a farm at that time, we might come home and find a lion in the barn eating hay with the cows, and we would not be afraid. A little child will lead the animals and be safe.

Like the Garden of Eden
All the earth will be beautiful, very much like the Garden of Eden was before Adam and Eve disobeyed God and ate the fruit, which God had told them not to eat. Bugs and insects will not spoil the flowers and eat holes in the carrots and cabbages in our gardens. Rose bushes will not have thorns as they do now. There will not be any briers or thistles to hurt us as we walk through the fields and woods. The grass and trees and flowers will grow more lovely and beautiful than we have ever seen them. There will be springs and streams of water in the deserts where only sage-brush and cactus grow now, and the deserts will “blossom as the rose.”

Peace and Gladness
Crippled people will walk straight; blind people will see the birds and the trees and all God’s beautiful creation; and deaf people will hear and talk and sing in those days.

Those of us who are ready to go with Jesus, when He comes in the clouds to catch us away into the sky, will have new bodies so that when we come back to live with Him a thousand years on earth we will never be sick.

Maybe you have heard your daddy or big brother tell about going away to war, but the Bible tells us that when Jesus is King on earth people will not “learn war any more.” The guns and cannons will be melted and made into plough and tools for people to use on their farms and in their gardens and yards. Jesus will be King over all the earth, and people will be glad and happy, and will be kind to one another.

Jesus’ Love
We all want to live with Jesus when He is King of all the earth. Jesus loves each little boy and girl very much, and he and His heavenly Father planned the thousand years of peace and beauty because He wants to make us happy.

Jesus loved us so much that he suffered on the cross to save us. If we do what the Bible tells us to do, we will live with Jesus, our dear Friend and Saviour. Someday we shall enjoy all the good things He has planned for us on earth, and also the mansion He is getting ready for us in Heaven. Oh, how we love Jesus!


1. When is Jesus coming to be King of the earth? [Matthew:24:29];[Matthew:24:30].
2. How long will Jesus be King? [Revelation:20:4].
3. In what way will the animals be different from what they are now? The deserts? The people? [Isaiah:11:6-9]; [Isaiah:35:5-6].
4. What must we do so that we may live with Jesus when He is King of the earth? [Matthew:4:17]; [Revelation:20:6].
5. Who suffered and died so that we may enjoy these thousand years of peace and happiness? [Revelation:1:5-7].