Look with compassion on the coasts

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Verse 1
Look with compassion on the coasts
And the lands of the heathen
See, how in their thousands, they are
Struggling and dying in sin
Darkness covers, darkness covers
Many lives in our vast land

Verse 2
The Light of people in darkness
Arise, bring blessings to us
Light for those in heathen darkness
Come, with healing in Thy wings
Let all the kings, let all the kings
Come into Thy blazing light

Verse 3
Let all the heathens who worship
Gods of wood and gods of stone
Come, that they might fall down and bow
Before the Almighty God
Let Thy glory, let Thy glory
Cover all the land and sea

Verse 4
Thou, to whom all might is given
Speak the word, give the decree
Let the company of preachers
Proclaim Thy name all abroad.
Be Thou with them, be Thou with them
Even, Lord, unto the end