The Lord God has made Jesus Christ

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    Verse 1
    The Lord God has made Jesus Christ
    An atonement for sin
    He it is on whom my heart trusts,
    On whom I hang my faith

    Verse 2
    God has shown favour to the blood
    Of His Son, Jesus Christ
    He has taken the blood into
    The holy place on high

    Verse 3
    There, the blood of sprinkling speaketh
    Better things for us all
    And there sweet incense is offered
    Up, by our Great High Priest

    Verse 4
    The angels look on with surprise
    And they bow down their heads
    Because of the mercy of God
    That saved us by His blood

    Verse 5
    I shall come near by faith unto
    This holy place to plead
    I will sing unto the Saviour,
    Him pray to save my soul

    Verse 6
    The song I sing is sanctified
    By that same precious blood
    By faith, it is a sweet refrain,
    A foretaste of heaven