The Lord is harvesting souls

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Verse 1
The Lord is harvesting souls
In the world's harvest fields
Where the angels from on High
Shall gather all their sheaves
Accept these as Thy reapers
Put a love in their hearts
Through their labour, let us haste,
Thy kingdom come on earth

Verse 2
Make them as labourers
In Thy vineyard, O Lord
Give them the satisfaction
To do their work for Thee
When Thou wills to call them home
Let them be satisfied,
Labourers with Thee, O Lord
To bring Thy kingdom in

Verse 3
Father, continue with them
Son, may Thou dwell with them
Holy Spirit, watch Thou them
The blessed Trinity
Make them real pastors of Thine
Who will serve Thee in truth
Bless them with Thy goodness, Lord
Now and forever more

Verse 4
Come, Thou Holy Spirit, come,
And fill us with Thy light
Clothe us with that spotless robe
Make us pure and holy
Be with us as we gather
In Thy holy presence
Sanctify Thy people Lord
Assembled in Thy house