Lord, I desire a sinless heart

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    Verse 1
    Lord, I desire a sinless heart
    With which to praise my God
    A heart that knows Thy cleansing blood
    That was shed free for me

    Verse 2
    A heart of patience and meekness
    My dear Redeemer's throne
    Where Christ is in perfect control
    And absolutely reigns

    Verse 3
    A humble heart that flees from sin
    Full of faith and is clean
    That life nor death can separate
    From Christ who dwells within

    Verse 4
    A heart that's entirely holy
    That's full of Divine love
    Perfect, honest, holy and good,
    An image, Lord, of Thee

    Verse 5
    Lord I desire a life like Thine
    Come quickly down I pray,
    And write a new name in my heart
    Thy Name, O love divine