The Lord rose up indeed

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Verse 1
The Lord rose up indeed
The Saviour rose again,
He rose victorious
Over all the powers of hell,
In their great fear, the guards trembled
Fell down and became as dead men

Verse 2
Behold the angel host
Assembled together
To list to His command
And also to worship,
They came with joy and they did fly
From heaven in the morn, to the tomb

Verse 3
They did fly back to heaven
With glad tidings of joy
List to their sweet singing
As they flew back to heaven.
Their song was this, Jesus who died
Is ris'n again, is ris'n today

Verse 4
All ye that are redeemed
Join the glad refrain
Let it echo around
To all the earth abroad
Shout and sing for Jesus who died
Is ris'n again, shall die no more

Verse 5
All hail, our Saviour, King
Who bought us with His blood
Praise Him all o'er the earth
Thou who art ris'n again
We rise with Thee and reign with Thee
With Thee ever in heaven above