Lord, we believe to us and ours

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Verse 1
Lord, we believe to us and ours
The apostolic promise given;
We wait the pentecostal powers,
The Holy Ghost sent down from heaven

Verse 2
The Holy Ghost, if I depart,
The Comforter, shall surely come,
Shall make the contrite sinner's heart
His loved, His everlasting home.

Verse 3
Assembled here with one accord,
Calmly we wait the promised grace,
The purchase of our dying Lord:
Come, Holy Ghost, and fill the place.

Verse 4
If every one that asks may find,
If still Thou dost on sinners fall,
Come as a mighty rushing wind;
Great grace be now upon us all.

Verse 5
Behold, to Thee our souls aspire,
And languish Thy descent to meet:
Kindle in each the living fire,
And fix in every heart Thy seat.