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“The Lord shall raise him up”  (James 5:15).


His Healing Power
How glad we should be that Jesus can and is willing to heal all our sicknesses. It does not matter what kind of sickness it is, for there is nothing too hard for Jesus to do. The man who can make an automobile or any other thing can easily make right any part that gets out of order. God Who made our bodies in the first place can easily heal any part of us that gets out of order. We are happy to read in the Bible that God is willing to do it, for He has told us in His Word that if people will pray and believe God He will heal them.

We call for the ministers to pray for us, and we pray, because the Bible tells us to do that. We have seen many times that God heals the sick when they believe His Word and trust Him. It is a wonderful thing to have a Friend like Jesus!

The Sick Man at the Pool
There was a pool, or pond, that people were eager to get into after the angel had stirred it up at certain times. Jesus came by that pool one day and saw a sick man lying near the pool. He had been sick 38 years. Jesus always felt sorry for anyone in trouble and he asked the man if he would like to be healed. The man did not know he was talking to One Who could do all things, and he said that there was no one to help him into the pool after the angel had trouble it. He said others always went ahead of him.

It was not necessary for the man to be carried to the pool this time, for all Jesus needed to do was to say, “Rise, take up thy bed, and walk.” Jesus gave the man the strength he needed to get right up and walk. That is the way Jesus does; when He tells us to do something, He is willing to give us the help we need for what He tells us to do.

The man was made well right away. He took up his bed and walked away from that place where he had been so many times in the 38 years. How thankful he must have been to Jesus for making him well again!

Men Who Did Not Love Jesus
There were some people who did not love Jesus because He told them they were wicked. Jesus told them they were doing things that were wrong and He wanted to help them to be good, but they did not want to do good. They said that it was Jesus Who was doing things that were not right, but that was not the truth. They watched Jesus to see if they could find some fault in Him, but Jesus never did anything but what was good.

The men who did not love Jesus said that He should not heal the sick man and that he should not carry his bed on their Sabbath day. But he told them that Jesus said he could do it. We must obey God rather than obey men.

Then they wanted to know who it was that had told him to take up his bed and walk. The man said he did not know who He was. Jesus had gone away, but He found the man He had healed and told him not to sin any more or something worse might come to him.

Telling Others
As soon as the man who was healed heard that it was Jesus Who had made him well, he told other people about Him. He was so glad that he was well that he wanted everybody to know about the One Who could heal them.
We are glad that somebody told us about Jesus and His power to save us from all our sins and to heal us when we are sick. We want to be faithful and tell others about Him. It is sad that there are so many people who do not seem to know about Jesus and His love.


1. What did Jesus say to the man at the pool of Bethesda? [John:5:8].
2. Did the sick man obey the command? [John:5:9].
3. Did he know Who Jesus was? [John:5:13].
4. What did Jesus do for this man when He found him in the Temple? [John:5:14].
5. What is more important to us, healing or salvation? [Mark:8:36-37]; [Matthew:6:33].