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[John:2:1-16]; [John:4:46-54].

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“Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it”  (John 2:5).


Preparation for Work
Jesus had been preparing to do the work He had come to this world to do. He had been baptized by John, not because He needed to be baptized, but because He did everything that the Word of God told those who loved Him to do. God was pleased with what Jesus was doing, for He spoke out of Heaven and said: “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased” [Matthew:3:17]).

When the wicked one had tried to get Jesus to do wrong, when He was in a place where there was no food and He had eaten nothing for forty days, Jesus did not obey what the wicked one said. He obeyed only what God said.

A Christian’s Joys
Jesus is willing to help us in our sickness and troubles, but He is also with us when we are happy. He wants people to be happy. He came that we might be glad forevermore. People who love Jesus and do what He tells them to do are always happy.

God has given us many things to enjoy. He made the sky a beautiful blue, the clouds soft and white; He gave us green trees, green grass, and lovely flowers of many colours. God has given us the singing of birds, and the sweet sounds of music. All these things were given us for our happiness.

Good Friends
Besides our loving parents and brothers and sisters, God has given us kind friends. We all love to have friends to be with us when we are in trouble, and also when we are happy. We read in the Bible that Jesus had loving friends, too. He had no home of His own, but we read that He sometimes stayed in the home of His friends -– Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. We read, also, that He was invited to people’s homes to eat; and, perhaps, He went there knowing that He would have a chance to talk to them about God.

One time He was invited to a wedding in Cana. Cana was not far from His hometown. Perhaps the people in that home where the wedding was were His relatives. Jesus and His mother and His disciples were there.

Before they were through eating and drinking, Jesus’ mother came to Him and said that they had no more wine to give the people. We do not believe that the wine they had there was the kind that makes people drunk. Almost everyone likes grape juice. God gave us the grapes with the delicious juice in them, but people sometimes spoil it by letting the juice become sour and so bad that it make people drunk.

Mary told the servants to do just what Jesus said. She seemed to know that Jesus had the power to do anything He wanted to do. When Jesus tells us to do a thing we should do it just as He tells us to do it, and do it as soon as possible. They filled the big jars with water. Then Jesus turned the water into such a sweet drink that a man said they had kept the best wine until last. This was the first thing Jesus did that showed the disciples and His friends that He was very powerful.


1. What did the mother of Jesus say to the servants? [John:2:5].
2. Did the servants know who made the water into wine? [John:2:9].
3. Was it good wine that Jesus made? [John:2:10].
4. What did Jesus do to those who were selling things in the Temple? [John:2:15].
5. What is one important thing to remember when we go to church? [Luke:19:46]; [1 Timothy:3:15].