My blessed Redeemer

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Verse 1
My blessed Redeemer
Rescue me from this sleep
Do, tell me now, wake up, wake up
Jesus shall make thee whole.

Verse 2
Do, lay Thy hands on me
And wake me now from sleep
Give me the understanding Lord,
Thy might, Thy pow'r how great!

Verse 3
Let me cry unto Thee
And let me be watchful
Lest I fall into temptation
And thereby lose my shield

Verse 4
Thou seest my weakness, Lord
Jesus, my strength Thou art,
My helper in adversity,
My refuge and my shield.

Verse 5
Lord, let me trust in Thee,
Be Thou my dwelling place;
Thou art my shield and my buckler
And Thou art my Saviour.

Verse 6
I cannot save myself
Nor can I keep myself,
My strength doth come Lord from Thine hand
O Thou that slumbers not

Verse 7
To Thee, and Thee alone
I my life doth commend,
Jesus, love me just as Thine own
And love me to the end.