My God, is any hour so sweet

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Verse 1
My God, is any hour so sweet
From blush of morn to evening star,
As that which calls me to Thy feet,
The hour of prayer?

Verse 2
Blest is that tranquil hour of morn,
And blest that hour of solemn eve,
When, on the wings of prayer upborne,
The world I leave.

Verse 3
For then a day-spring shines on me,
Brighter than morn's ethereal glow;
And richer dews descend from Thee
Than earth can know.

Verse 4
Then is my strength by Thee renewed;
Then are my sins by Thee forgiven;
Then dost Thou cheer my solitude
With hopes of heaven.

Verse 5
No words can tell what blest relief,
There for my every want I find;
What strength for warfare, balm for grief;
What peace of mind.

Verse 6
Hushed is each doubt, gone every fear;
My spirit seems in heaven to stay;
And e'en the penitential tear
Is wiped away.

Verse 7
Lord, till I reach yon blissful shore,
No privilege so dear shall be
As thus my inmost soul to pour
In prayer to Thee.